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Google today launched the first national buy products

Beijing time on November 4th morning news, Google launched the first nationwide group purchase products in the United States today, users can group purchase of outdoor sports goods retailer Recreational Equipment America (REI) products, further exacerbated by Google and the United States Groupon and LivingSocial competition group purchase website.

Google products all U.S. users can buy $15 worth of $25 REI products. REI sells outdoor equipment and clothing. Google product management director Eric · Rosenbloom (Eric Rosenblum) pointed out that users only need to register to become Google Offers users will be able to buy a group purchase across the country, including the current Google Offers has not yet covered the city. Currently Google Offers only to the United States to provide a large group of 15 services.

Rosenbloom pointed out, obviously, Google in the field before entering the group, our customers have already included a large number of large national companies. As a result, we are one of the few companies able to cope with the nationwide large-scale group buying. We can say that the future of this model will become the norm Google Offers buy."

Google launched Google Offers buy service aimed at the Internet search advertising business outside of the field, to enhance the company’s sales. Google has announced last week that the addition of more than a dozen buy site partners, including Gilt City and Trippr and other small group buying site. Google also said that the group purchase service will be the new adventure sports, luxury experience and training courses, will also launch a personalized test, to help users more easily find the most consistent with the requirements of their own group purchase transactions. (Lin Jing)


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