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Third party service short board can enhance the diagnosis of Yiwu e-commerce industry heavyweights


market entity and virtual market how to dance dance? And the dilemma of e-commerce talent needs and how to crack? High-end e-commerce around the "innovation, integration and development" and the salon, recently in Yiwu passion opening. Theory and thinking about Yiwu e-commerce industry blueprint debate throughout an across the board, and director of the research center of information China Academy of Social Sciences Wang Xiangdong, Alibaba group secretary general Shao Xiaofeng China e-commerce heavyweights, let this salon have more points of view.

network to challenge the market entity


mutual promotion and mutual glory is a realistic choice

"Yiwu’s market position is very prominent, to maintain the real estate market continues to prosper, healthy development, Yiwu is the fundamental place to obtain lasting vitality." Yiwu city leaders said, in view of the current development situation, the relationship between the government of Yiwu on the real market positioning and virtual market is promoted by mutual glory, this year the development of electronic commerce has become an important work of the Yiwu municipal government to grasp, will invest more money and resources, including administrative resources, to promote the development of electronic commerce the. The leadership of the analysis, the development of e-commerce will certainly have a leading role in the physical market, the virtual market and the real estate market are booming, it will be able to further promote the development of other industries in Yiwu. "

previously, with the leap forward development of e-commerce in Yiwu, there is news that the turnover of the virtual market in Yiwu more than 50 billion, but also exceeded the annual turnover of the Yiwu international trade city of the monomer market. However, the news has not been confirmed by the relevant aspects. So the physical market bigger and stronger in Yiwu, whether it will be the impact of the virtual market


the newly appointed Vice President of the Zhejiang Provincial Association of network operators Liu Wengao made an incisive explanation. He believes that Yiwu’s e-commerce industry is based on the development of the Yiwu market, but also benefit from the market. Early is the terminal for the wholesale and retail sales in 2011, and large electricity providers into the wholesale area, which appeared in the billion level sales network, at the same time, also means that the Yiwu market once again return to the virtual and real market consistent sales nature and mode, but the virtual network market share market opened, is a complementary channel physical market. Therefore, there is no conflict between the two, it is effective to enhance and promote each other.

lack of electricity providers, third party service platform into a weak link

into the industry can make up the short board critical

involves the entire e-commerce industry chain of talent, Yiwu are very short, while the top three should be marketing, technology, design talent. Industry insiders believe that e-commerce talent shortage is a nationwide problem, but Yiwu lacks badly, many commercial enterprises in the flower class salary please three class talents, let talent to stay in Yiwu, become a very prominent problem in the industry.

Yiwu, the largest local talent website search network general manager Huang Gang told Kee


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