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Tmall convenience store expansion just dig 1980 yuan to join


] Tmall since last year the state power network "double 11" began a joint line of 3 10000 stores began to promote, has launched a comprehensive O2O strategy. Now, this play will continue to speed up.

yesterday’s news, insiders provide clues to the billion state power network, said the Tmall community service network will further expand, the joint goal will expand to join the charging mode from the original proprietary stores. "Want to become Tmall line shop? Businesses need to pay 1980 yuan."

1980 yuan temptation

so attractive price, indeed this can stimulate many small businesses line. The source pointed out that Tmall has since some outsourcing to the third party, which means that Tmall is involved in the execution of the O2O, from mentioning the business section, completed by the local agents of line expansion.

It is reported that the Tmall

, since the mention had mainly for business in Zhejiang Province, agents can reach to Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Lianyungang, Taizhou and other places are involved, to local supermarkets, convenience stores, Tmall turned unified line of community service network.

, I heard that it will soon start a nationwide investment conference, then the third party agent will be related to the business package to franchisees." Sources pointed out that the whole process by the agent himself, as for the price of 1980 yuan is made by Tmall, and franchisees own, there is no clear message.

called packaging, according to the contact to join the next line of partners revealed that mainly refers to the collection of goods from mentioning, under the line diversion, as well as a variety of convenient services and other value-added services.

business model from the perspective of cooperation between the two sides, is more focused on Tmall to provide support for the next line of diversion, that is, the franchisee to spend 1980 yuan is mainly used to buy online traffic resources. At the same time, franchisees can provide for Tmall online shopping crowd to provide services to enhance user stickiness.

addition, merchants said that agents promise for join processing procedures, offline stores will access a unified identity, such as a "Tmall points" or "Tmall store" box.


although the news has not yet been officially recognized, but it is understood billion state power network in 2013, Tmall began to plan the line outlets from mentioning the business, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan, Jiaxing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other more than 20 city close to 3000 convenience stores, community property cooperation.

Tmall has promised, Tmall, Taobao single user, you can choose the nearest authorized Tmall service station, to solve the problem of small holiday collection. Tmall community service station will arrive at the parcel after the inspection of the integrity of the package after the scan sign into the system, then the system sent a text message and password to notify consumers to take. Within 5 days of the arrival of the package, the service station to be kept free of charge, consumers can rely on documents and password during the period from mentioning.

is radical or foresight?




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