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Alipay launched a large credit card payment service

August 24th afternoon news, the domestic independent third party payment platform of Alipay (Chinese) Network Technology Co. Ltd. today announced the launch of the credit card payment business, currently supports bank, GF, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright, Societe Generale Bank six. Users in the business to support the business to buy large amounts of goods, as long as the use of the corresponding bank credit card can be large payments, a lump sum.

credit card online payment is no longer limited by the previous 300 or 500 of the amount, the basic line with the bank credit card credit line. In addition, with the line under the same credit card, credit card users on the Internet through large credit card payments can also get points." Alipay relevant responsible person said, the CCB and ICBC also will join the Alipay business, the business is expected to cover most of the credit card issuing bank in the year.

previously, users use a lot of bank credit card payment, often face 300 500 of the quota restrictions on the Internet, if the purchase of large goods such as household appliances, electronic products, air tickets, credit card online payment, need many times to Alipay recharge before it can be used for the balance of payments such as a ticket 1000 yuan, must recharge 2-3 times to pay, the user experience." Alipay relevant responsible person said.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei believes that the launch of the credit card payment service will significantly increase the amount of credit card payment and the use of user experience, which is expected to drive the other payment companies and banks involved, so as to realize the innovation of the whole industry.

according to the relevant person in charge of Alipay, currently in the Taobao platform to support credit card payment businesses has reached more than 3 thousand, with the advance of the project, Alipay will also introduce a large number of Taobao outside of the independent network operators to join the service. Alipay is expected to the end of the third quarter of this year, this figure is expected to reach 5000 by the end of 2, to achieve access thousands of merchants.

It is reported that

, in the choice of business, Alipay will implement strict audit standards. Alipay risk management department will do the analysis to the specific transaction records and data from the source to start doing business evaluation and judgment, and finally make the admission businesses access to large credit card payment service decision. For the virtual, jewelry and other high-risk industries Alipay not access large credit card payment service. These industries are high investment and high sales, there is a big risk, the risk of online transactions in these industries is difficult to avoid, so we do not access." Alipay official said.

Compared to

pay for online debit card, credit card online payment will form a record of monthly consumption, users can manage well, but also because the characteristics of the Internet open and transparent, determines the online payment easier to find some illegal operations, cash or money laundering behavior.

"we check the data once a month, for businesses that do not meet one of the access mechanisms, we will immediately cancel their qualifications, from start to finish"


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