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Monster vip.com a $12 billion 500 million sale of the legend of how to make

I dark horse: vip.com has been profitable for 7 consecutive quarters. Because the counter attack too suddenly, be called monster". Its huge success, driven by the Jingdong, Taobao, jumei.com, Dangdang and other electricity providers have launched their own sale platform, which also makes it faces more challenges.

, a lot of people have been studying us, we just came back on the market that we bleed listed, after half a year, we share price rose a lot of times that we are ‘demon shares’. Now, many of our competitors are studying our model." August 18th, vip.com in the second quarter of 2014 earnings sharing meeting, vip.com CFO Yang Donghao self ridicule road. But he also stressed that "on the surface is behind the sale, but a completely different approach."

earnings data do once again highlighted the sale mode of commercial value of the second quarter of 2014, vip.com total net revenue of $829 million 400 thousand, an increase of 136.1%; net profit of $26 million 400 thousand, an increase of 192.1%; since listing, it has 7 consecutive quarterly profit. Affected by the success of vip.com, other platforms have also introduced the sale mode, Jingdong, Taobao and Juhuasuan are known to Dangdang to reach the sale market. Vip.com model in recognition of the market at the same time, but also ushered in more challenges.

in China’s Internet industry, almost never a company like vip.com so full of controversy. In March 2012, vip.com listed on the NYSE, the United States is not because investors are optimistic about the original 8.5, to $10.5 issue price fell to $6.5, while the opening of the first day closing price of only $5.5, and the continued downturn in nearly half the time. For now, vip.com’s share price has reached $222.45 (August 19, 2014 opening), which is 50 times the issue price is higher than 2 years ago, Baidu’s $220, and $12 billion 500 million market capitalization of super micro Qihoo 360, which ranked as the fourth largest market capitalization of Internet Co China.

vip.com: too suddenly, whether ordinary investors or large institutional investors, the skyrocketing price of vip.com shocked and confused, that gave it the nickname "monster". In May this year, shares listed on the stage, vip.com even listed companies became a reference word, the way cattle into the online travel "vip.com", "jumei.com cosmetics" vip.com "," a similar argument often found in newspapers.

once, vip.com is not optimistic about the company, today, vip.com is the company we can not understand." Baby tree CEO Wang Huainan told reporters, but this does not prevent vip.com to become a good company, at least, its performance has reached the requirements of excellent companies." Earlier this year, the baby tree decided to enter the electricity supplier mother, after careful selection, decided to cooperate with vip.com to carry out maternal and infant clothing sale business, "our partners this year only one is vip.com."

hot sale market "


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