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About webmaster forum, about DC sales promoter!

has been in the http://s.bbs.admin5.com bubble, a lot of time to think out a lot of criticism little IDC now, you have to miserable, but I understand you! Please read my words!

spam hurt a lot of people, in fact, your behavior is more hateful than pornographic websites. A few days ago to see a friend to talk about a number of domestic cases of the recent cases mentioned in the forum registration posting machine thing, careful thought is really the case! Around the countless forum, DZ, PW and DVBBS both can escape into the register, management in place a little better; but belongs to the management of the forum, the webmaster may find the number of the members are still increasing day by day!

careful friends you will find the basic information is IDC information server rental hosting, virtual hosting promotion information throughout the network, there are numerous false information, let people feel helpless, the only way is to allow IDC developers self-discipline!

I can understand you, you think of the promotion method in addition to spend money to advertise, and the rest is spam! Such ads will only let others disgust, the effect is almost negligible! Not such a waste of time, the heart may get better publicity!

For example,

http://s.bbs.admin5.com of such a forum, has set up the IDC information section for IDC friends can write an introductory advertising posts, and later in the forum and forum to answer the questions in the form of friends, if you have a friend in need will naturally take the initiative to contact you.

for some webmaster forum did not open IDC forum, you can also take the initiative to seek their Webmaster Help, ask them to open a IDC information section, I want to open a forum should not be a bad thing! Regular management forum, the other version of the garbage IDC information will be deleted! Forum management may be of great help!

finally wrote some "IDC company", is a company boss, publicity, technology, customer service is a company, although you feel good, but I can say that IDC is not you rent a server, a virtual host system even cracked version of IDC. You can really serve some webmaster, say you are selling space, I want to say you are ugly point in fraud. Because you can not guarantee the stability of the host, security and a series of other issues, you this is the greatest harm to the webmaster!

advise the formal IDC companies to manage their sales staff, spam can only bring negative effects to the company, please protect your corporate image! (Q:449156)


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