The rest of the domestic e-commerce model

domestic e-commerce develops rapidly in recent years, the shopping mode is constantly changing, there are a lot of black in the melee, but there are also many websites crashing down, so now how the electricity market situation? The domestic electronic commerce mode and what the rest of the /p>? "


Current status of


1, 2012 is the winter of e-commerce?

Dynamic electricity supplier

in 2012, almost all the negative news occupied the headlines, closures, layoffs, and losses – Baotuan heating…… Even the background of a powerful music cool days also failed to escape the fate of bankruptcy. As early as last year, many people in the industry have predicted that in 2012 all kinds of adverse consequences of the electricity supplier, many predictions are gradually being verified. The electronic commerce of the winter has really come? No, but the weak out, the strong will be more and more obvious, the industry into real reshuffle.

2, B2C price war between the boss

B2C, the boss of the competition is not what news, slobber war, price war, war service is a homely food. It has recently become crazy, Tmall and Dangdang logistics started a fight, the slogan of the next day. In addition, the 6 giants are directly announced the price war, Tmall Electric City 200 million yuan, and 300 million yuan each new, Jingdong 500 million yuan, and Gome online mall were thrown 2 billion yuan promotional resources. Entered in May, the six giants have announced a loss of $5 billion 300 million, a large-scale price war has been inevitable.

3, buy decline

group purchase site closures continued, layoffs, pay cuts, closing the station, funding strand breaks and other news has never been interrupted, even the value of group purchase originator Groupon since IPO has shrunk by half, group purchase industry wants to collective out of the winter seems unlikely, at present can continue to support independent websites are not many, the only reform either way, either B2C or heating transformation into B2C clearance channels. Group purchase, perhaps is so again to rash and too much in haste, rash and too much in haste.

4, the rise of social electricity supplier

said the social electricity supplier, in fact, from watercress and public comment and other models have begun, but has not yet reached a certain degree of heat. Since beauty says, shopping sharing website appears and sought after, with all kinds of electricity supplier based social business platform should be potential, from the current development trend, is only a matter of time the mainstream electricity supplier website traffic entrance.

e-commerce currently remaining mode

model of the future will be how, who can not predict, after all, many new models are inadvertently popular. The current electricity supplier which mode has the potential to leave


1, social + electricity supplier



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