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Taobao strict control of health food false propaganda to pour the mold


] October 16th news billion state power network, the day before, in order to deal with false propaganda, Taobao health food industry in the long-term existence of the hype, taobao.com taobao.com new "health food industry standard", to strengthen the control objective.

new rules stressed that the actual use of goods can not be inconsistent with the effect of publicity. The first violation of health food sellers will be a one-time deduction of 2 points, after each violation will be deducted by 12 points. Compared to the previous false propaganda deduction of 0.2 points, Taobao greatly increased penalties for illegal sellers.

Taobao also made clear on the relevant provisions of the commodity and information release. Taobao.com will merge into the unified health food category of health food / dietary supplements. The seller in the release of goods, just fill in the brand, health, specifications and details page information.

is more important, Taobao to further improve the health food sellers access threshold, due to irregularities points 24 points will be repaying, which due to false information can apply again after half a year of repaying settled.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Taobao has set up a special report entrance, specialising in fraudulent use of national approval of commodity information. The user can "sell fake" select "fraudulent approval number" report.

Taobao official said that the strengthening of the management of the health food industry, will promote the standardization of online market environment optimization, improve consumer health care food shopping experience.

part of the health food sellers also said the industry urgently needed policy specification. A health food industry veteran revealed that the health food industry has developed rapidly in recent years, the last two years, the total sales of 300 billion yuan in 2015 is expected to be about $1 trillion. The online health food due to the lack of standards has caused all kinds of chaos in the industry, the security problem of false advertising, became the industry ills".


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