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Confirmation! Jingdong home service will be closed on February 10th

news January 12th, billion state power network in relation to the message asked the Jingdong home industry, he said, the Jingdong has confirmed the closure of internal home door-to-door service category.


note: an earlier version of the map and the current version of Jingdong APP home page comparison, Jingdong home has been housekeeping, laundry, massage and other services to the United States and the United States as a live service".

Company founder

a Jingdong settled home "door-to-door service" told billion state power network, home Jingdong has issued a notice on the morning of January 11th, due to partial adjustment of company operation strategy, the Jingdong intends to terminate the home home service businesses provide services platform, and will terminate the agreement both service in February 10, 2017, at the same time to related businesses offline processing platform."


Jingdong home platform to cooperate with the service provider to lift the letter


Jingdong home platform to cooperate with the service provider to lift the agreement

The founder of

revealed that the company is ready to stop before the period of service in the Jingdong home active downline own services, because of their platform drainage situation is not ideal, "a week only dozens of, is not in place to bring the list." He said, in addition to the announcement of strategic adjustment, and did not explain why only closed category home service platform.

another home service cooperation business also said, is in cooperation, but there is no amount."

at the same time, the state power grid the first time asked Chaodeng category of business, now generally reflect not received a notice. An unnamed Jingdong insiders said the closure of the main massage, freight, housekeeping and other on-site services, such as super and fresh and other categories unchanged.

"we more than a dozen stores, there are hundreds of thousands a month." A provider of super class business person in charge, the current business cooperation with Jingdong basically stable. But if the super category really closed, is not affected, the business is developing its own App client, also opened an independent WeChat mall in WeChat.

another fruit chain brand businesses also said they did not receive notice, the brand settled in the mainstream of the current third party O2O platform, the monthly sales channels in the home of millions of.

it is understood that the home Jingdong was founded in April 2015, is a Jingdong B2C business platform extends to a higher frequency of the commodity sector, the integration of the supermarket fresh goods to provide 2 hours of fast delivery to consumers, and then gradually expand the florist, pharmacies, O2O services into a comprehensive living service platform, and the adjustment is aimed at covering home service businesses "door-to-door service" section.

O2O since its entry into China in 2012


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