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Babe network COO good to maternal electricity supplier firepower

in April 29th, by the observation of maternal industry sponsored "mother industry observation – 2016 China maternal new business summit held in Shenzhen, babe network COO Ke Zunyao attended the summit and delivered a speech on the current status quo and existing maternal industry pain points and difficulties are analyzed, and put forward the All in after the maternal electricity supplier is to return.

It is reported that

, the maternal summit of leading companies from many areas of maternal industry participation, around the electricity supplier, retail, brand, product, investment channels, health care, preschool education and other maternal and child fields, discusses the mobile end under the wave of baby industry business model, to find mother industry opportunities in 2016.

the babe network as a leader in maternal electricity supplier, were also invited to attend the summit, COO Ke Zunyao brought entitled "good view of maternal electricity supplier is to be ‘All in’". He thinks, at present there are three maternal electricity supplier can not avoid the difficulties: domestic demand must be solved through the core of domestic trade; do not non-standard cannot hold up to grab the user pocket maternal electricity supplier; must have the trust of users.

and babe can in the fierce competition in the Red Sea mother indomitable, the key lies in, relentless, fast enough, namely flagship business, because behind every difficult pain points are hidden opportunities; the blue ocean business fast enough, social business has great potential, and try the "circle" Beibei channel in social business the very successful business strategy; enough, just one year baby will be able to overcome a cross-border business platform.

according to reports, Audrey global shopping channel since January last year started, on-line only six months, the volume was more than most professional cross-border electronic business platform, cross-border electricity supplier in the first camp. Since this year, accelerating in Beibei self, supply chain construction pace, has now completed the comprehensive proprietary formula, the proportion of self beauty and other categories are also increasing, overseas warehouse and global supply chain construction has entered the final stage, "really cruel".

Ke Zunyao believes that the "return" is very important for the infant industry, the commercial nature of the return, return the user value, the return of the retail core, return to the depth of the supply chain, is the right idea of the development of maternal and infant industries. In his view, the current era of maternal and child electricity providers should be dominated by 80, and the significance of the mother and child industry is to make every mother and baby life full of love.

in addition, Ke Zunyao also a leading brand and Procter & Gamble, maternal Ashley and other executives, "the new mother era, brand and channel to win-win good service, the new consumer" topic of discussion, seek to provide a better user experience Chinese.

mother industry observation – 2016 China maternal new business summit "is sponsored by the maternal maternal industry observation industry conference, the" new commercial infant strong feast "as the theme, inviting new commercial representative enterprises on the new combat strong maternal, maternal industry opportunities open in 2016.

It is reported that

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