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n May the electricity supplier smoke again prepare shellfish will push 511 Baby online shopping fes

today, the reporter was informed that, following the April vip.com beauty class big promotion electricity supplier, the first domestic leading social business platform of maternal shellfish network will also be launched in May 11th for the first time, Tony equipment section 511 freaky games large maternal online shopping activities. According to reports, as the preparation of the network in 2014, the first show, the preparation of the network will be a combination of well-known domestic and foreign well-known baby detonated a full set of maternal and child online shopping hot in May.

it is understood, according to Tony equipment section 511 freaky games ", at present, shellfish network has completed nearly seven digit SKU commodities, commodity basic coverage of pregnant women, baby food, two types of people play, and many other types of clothing. As a warm-up ahead of this 511 Bay Festival freaky games, shellfish network also exclusive purchasing such as Sifu Wei speed measurement card and other characteristics of new products, these products are prepared by the network in the exclusive debut of shellfish, and completely regular manufacturers direct supply, product quality assurance. Recently, users only need to pay attention to the preparation of the official WeChat network, you can get free quick test card.

, the reporter found that in addition to the current shellfish network’s upcoming 511 big promotion activities, Suning red children in May to coincide with the ten anniversary this month, shellfish network market sources, shellfish network do not have to worry about with other maternal electricity supplier crash. The shellfish network is a social business platform of maternal a completely different from other traditional maternal electricity supplier, is China hot mom growth of high quality homes, are bred to meet people of the birth of the flow of information interactive share trading and commodity flows multiple needs, while the traditional maternal electricity suppliers to meet the limitations of the product, both commercial model or service demands are natural differences exist and different.

industry insiders said, in 2014, with further accelerate the pace of economic reforms in the country, a large number of venture capital in the e-commerce market, China electricity market is about to usher in a new round of reshuffle. Bei network as a new force in China’s electricity supplier in the new ten years, the role of the social networking platform for the success of the mother and child into the Chinese market for maternal and child electricity supplier, for China’s entire electricity supplier market is of great significance. I believe that with the leading business model, as well as a unique market positioning, and differentiated service products, Bei WAN network is expected to fully rewrite the pattern of China’s maternal and child electricity supplier.


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