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How to use B2B platform to promote product sales

, I believe many of my friends, when searching for a product name, often see a lot of B2B platform product page in the front row, so we use how to better this one advantage, let the sales of our products increased significantly. So how to do specific, please friends look down:

1. First, we teach you how to use the advantages of the B2B platform, so that the first page of the search engine, occupy more than 3 product quota.

this is the right choice in the middle of the B2B platform, and how to write product content:

A. face Baidu’s high weight B2B platform is as follows:

(1) http://s.bmlink.com China building materials network

(2) http://s.china.nowec.com global economic and trade network

(3) http://s.youa.baidu.com Baidu has ah

(4) http://s.b2b.hc360.com HC

(5) http://s.8c8c.com.cn/ Chinese building materials trading network

(6) http://s.qjy168.com energy-saving

(7) http://s.qianyan.biz/ money eye net

(8) http://s.b2b.cn/ mainone network

B. face Google’s high weight B2B platform is as follows:

(1) http://s.b2b.hc360.com HC

(2) http://s.china.alibaba.com Alibaba

(3) http://s.foodqs.cn food industry network

(4) http://s.ganji.com ganji.com

(5) http://s.qianyan.biz/ money eye net

2. The content of the product is as follows:

A. write the appropriate title: (in order to ensure the stability of the rankings, only take a keyword strategy)

For example: "

network marketing _ products and so on

network marketing network marketing research center" of the other

B. strategy: product pictures (asteriskindicates product name)

(1) must be photographed with a camera in kind, and then add the site logo, and finally uploaded to the B2b platform.

(2) if you need to fill out the product key >


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