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Wanda O2O road and Ali before the start, first of all to go through the entity business competitors


announced 2 billion strategic holding fast money day, Wanda could not wait to start the prospect of "O2O enterprise" China largest, given the official confidence support is: fast money 360 existing enterprise partners, more than and 200 financial institutions, with Wanda commercial partners, every year several one billion line passenger full integration.

did not explain their existing Wanda number of partners, to become "the largest O2O company China confidence at the end of the show" in the official support, with a "fully integrated", obviously, officials and outside observers in the Wanda strategic holding fast money view is quite consistent: a long way — yet it is not easy to integration besides, still need to be fully.

Wanda and Suning transformation of the road way, can come to


and Suning, respectively, Alibaba and Jingdong tit for tat. Canvass Wanda and Suning’s transformation of the road, in fact, one is active one is passive, the head of the public to enjoy the treatment is different slobber.

in electrical retail expansion history of more than and 20 years, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong may have never heard who dare to put him and Suning ‘kill’ rhetoric, even in the heyday of the Wong Kwong Yu dare not underestimate him, but he was ten years old little Liu Qiangdong underestimated, this certainly is a humiliation.

– Lanna evening


in Jingdong naked provocation of Suning, Gome and Suning, because of the strong rise, household appliances has been separated from the Department as an independent category, that is to say before the Jingdong to home appliance war, home appliance market has been quite full of competition and maturity of the market system. Jingdong fight Suning headquarters was established, forcing Suning and appliance market to re engage in melee, parallel to the online and offline from the chain stores, Suning transformation is entirely out of passive defense.

was forced to take O2O to Su Ning Road, is still in a difficult period of exploration stones. And Ma equals Wang Jianlin, and the first Baidu Tencent set up electricity supplier company, and hold strategic holding fast money, also began to enlarge recruited.

The business logic of

acquisition Wanda fast money is not difficult to understand, and Wanda listed the same day break somewhat embarrassed, making new hot concept is beneficial to pull the price. Then, Wanda acquired fast money this big move, the end is placed for? To Wanda business platform, or through the network entity against competitors? Or two line war while playing


category of complex department stores, the full market competition is only after the rise of Taobao, it can be said that the full market competition is completed Taobao. Home appliances are part of a department store. After the electricity supplier differentiation competition, department stores and shopping centers are also through the format adjustment, etc., and gradually began to complete the transformation and upgrading.

benefited from the rapid economic development and the city


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