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Electricity supplier to accelerate the expansion of supermarket category

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shuai Pengkun reports: the traditional business in the problem of the loss of young customer groups headache, electricity providers have accelerated expansion in the supermarket category. Recently, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned from Suning, Suning supermarket signed a cooperation agreement with the 14 brands of the year, the annual performance growth of 900% within a year, more than the number of stores over the past three years.

Suning supermarket general manager of Meiji told Yangcheng Evening News reporter interview said that Suning supermarket go O2O Road, online supermarket channel grab entity supermarket share, self Internet supermarket and pure electric line difference competition.

Internet supermarket

walking on two legs

April 2nd, Suning held in the headquarters of the first Suning supermarket supplier conference, with 14 brands to reach an annual level of cooperation agreement on the million, more than ten million level. In addition to these well-known cosmetics, Procter & Gamble, Kerry oil brand, also include Zhangzidao fresh brand. According to Su Ning of the plan, this year the number of supermarket self SKU to double, SKU businesses to grow 300%, the direction of development is the focus of fresh, local food, imported food and customized underwriting. Wan Mingzhi said Suning supermarket 2015 goal is to increase the performance of 900%.

on how to attract merchants settled suning.com, 000 Meiji said: "the most important thing is to flow into the merchant." It is reported that suning.com will this year for the supermarket category to promote a series of large, the existing 170 million member Suning big data marketing, at the same time, the beginning of the second half of the first to open business logistics platform.

in addition to online drainage, Wan Meiji introduction, Suning Internet store in May this year, the official will appear. While Suning Plaza opened in the main supermarket stores, Suning stores in the micro square shop and Tesco service station will become the three main forms of Suning under the online supermarket.

"wool out of pigs"

believes in Carrefour for many years million Meiji, whether only line shop or pure electric providers are short, online and offline stereo display and sale of O2O is the future development direction of the supermarket. Ten thousand Meiji said: 60% of businesses and we are valued our O2O model." This is he dare to put the word "three years beyond the 1 shop" where emboldened.

wan to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter revealed that the group is not a profit for his assessment, but the number of members and the growth rate of re purchase (that is, repeat purchase rate)". According to the information provided by the Suning, the supermarket business on-line, suning.com quickly added more than 1 million users, while the platform re purchase rate is improved by nearly 5 times as much. But the supermarket products gross profit margin is very low, high pressure online platform of high traffic costs and the cost of logistics, electricity providers do supermarkets are basically unprofitable".

million Meiji said: we do not worry about these, we can make money by advertising in the future, you can rely on logistics to make money, that is, the popularity of the Internet in the pig wool."

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