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Ali shook hands with the opening of the cloud cooperation to combat counterfeit luxury goods

August 12th news, according to Bloomberg, the revocation of the Alibaba group to participate in the sale of fake action in the luxury brand Gucci, Alibaba said it will open cloud group cooperation in the fight against fake sales behavior and parent company Gucci Kering SA.

Alibaba spokesman Florence Shih said yesterday that cooperation between Alibaba and open cloud group is the result of consultation between the two sides. According to the Gucci in July 9 to the New York court filed a lawsuit, they think that the Alibaba in the global luxury goods selling behavior played an important role in.

Open Cloud group also named several Alibaba platform gold sellers and credit rating suppliers, open the sale of a large number of distinct Gucci knockoffs, and even some products are also exported to the United states. The business and selling for $2 to $5 to sell a Gucci canvas bag, a month can reach 2000 or even 50000 orders, and the genuine package price of $795.

Open Cloud group such as Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent), Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta) and (Balenciaga) and other luxury brands of counterfeit goods in the Alibaba’s business platform endless, affected by fake events, the Alibaba’s IPO issue price is likely to decline. The Alibaba and the connivance and selling behavior, but also a violation of intellectual property laws, forcing suppliers to make sanctions.

Alibaba and the opening of the two sides of the group said in an electronic statement, the two sides agreed to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and trademarks through normal business processes. Although the open cloud group withdrew to Alibaba and selling a lawsuit, but they will also continue to selling businesses to other legal proceedings.

Shanghai is a market research agency China Skinny responsible person, the Alibaba can certainly make an algorithm to selling businesses will be screened out, only found many businesses from the price of this one will be able to. But even put an end to the sale of counterfeit Ali channel, according to China’s national conditions, there will be another fake sales channels,

IPO said the application materials submitted to the

SEC of the Alibaba, Ali will fake shelf time to 5 working days, Ali as a fake platform this concept will undoubtedly affect the reputation of ali.

U.S. Trade Representative report in February said that China has a lot of platform for the survival of counterfeit goods businesses. Public Security official, an official also said that last year, Chinese workers arrested more than 59000 fake businesses, confiscated 9000 yuan worth of counterfeit goods worth $172 billion 900 million.

July a Bloomberg 11>


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