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Blue sky Pavilion Taobao mall on the reasons for Tmall

Taobao mall today held a strategic conference in Beijing, and announced the official Taobao store changed its name to Tmall, and launched a global collection of Tmall LOGO and Tmall image activities. Group vice president Wang Shuai said, this change Chinese name initiatives originally planned held in March 31st this year, but because Ali executives are more impatient, so announced two months ahead of schedule.


Taobao vice president and CFO Zhang Yong said the reason for the name change is to give consumers a more clear positioning and clear title. At this time, there is no clear name and why the name changed to Tmall, published by the top level are simple, basically ambiguous. But blue sky Pavilion speculated that the name has 3 purposes.

1 for tmall.com to make the outside world easier to remember in mind. In order to make this point is not good to remember the domain name, in 2011, the activities of the 11 double joined the manual input tmall.com can get a gift". The purpose is very clear, is to allow consumers to remember the TMLL.COM, and guide consumers subconsciously Taobao and Taobao mall distinction. Honestly, I don’t have what, third input to remember.

2 further Taobao mall pulled out from Taobao. Despite entering the Taobao search for goods, in terms of display, Taobao gives Taobao mall a wide range of advantages, but this advantage in 2007 began to expand step by step. Although Taobao mall is now separated from Taobao, but the perception of the general consumer is still stuck in the Taobao contains Taobao mall concept. The name changed to Tmall, given the new name, further guide the user to distinguish between Taobao and mall". Also indirectly give mall sellers more market space.

3 to expand visibility. Electricity supplier market competition will become increasingly fierce, taking advantage of this opportunity to change, with the major news media and other reports, to enhance the user’s Taobao mall Tmall awareness and attention.

More than

for the blue Pavilion speculation, welcome to explore and point out that improper. If the above speculation is the purpose of Taobao mall, with the strengthening of consumer awareness of Tmall, then I am afraid Taobao Mall for C store sellers to further expand the negative impact of


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