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How to get involved in the traditional business of advertising alliance

Internet increasingly popular so that more and more traditional enterprises can not sit, electricity supplier industry has also been growing.

, however, so many traditional companies involved in the electricity supplier, but did not succeed on the right track, which is what went wrong?.

the first step: building. The so-called e-commerce, is to use the Internet as a tool, so that both parties not met for various commercial and trade activities. To use the network, it is necessary to build the site, with their own website is like a nest of their own, so you can not worry about. And the site is the equivalent of a building facade, facade construction is also very important, therefore, not only to build a station, station, built in line with their products and brand image of the station.

second step: promotion. And the line to promote the same, in the electric business after the traditional business should not be considered under the line of the market there is no need to promote the line, this is a wrong concept. Note that many online sales of products and brands have exceeded the market share of the brand. There is a misunderstanding is that the traditional business as long as the online publicity situation is equivalent to do online promotion, in fact, this is 2 completely different models. Online and offline can be combined but absolutely can not wait. The Internet has the application of the Internet crowd, as well as television broadcasting, reflecting the life habits of a generation. Offline publicity is no substitute for online promotion.

Compared with the traditional

network promotion promotion mode is also a great breakthrough, no longer confined to newspapers and magazines, no longer limited frequency period, no longer limited geographical scope, even advertising promotion mode now can be precise positioning of regional positioning crowd, it can be said that at this stage of the network promotion opens a shortcut to a very simple and efficient enter the electricity business of traditional enterprises.

third step: user analysis. With the promotion of the market, resulting in consumer spending is not only the consumer, the more important aspect is to analyze the user level, consumption patterns, purchasing power, consumer trends, etc.. To have their own products and consumer groups have a clear positioning analysis, and then based on the results of the analysis to improve and improve, has achieved better results in the latter sales.

fourth step: follow up service. The advantage of Internet is that you can send an email notification to the customer from time to time when new products shelves, much of the old product promotion; also can do the real-time tracking of users in the purchase of the product, understand the product performance, has purchased the use of user experience and so on. With so many intimate services, customer loyalty is also rising, the trust degree of the brand is not mentioned in the same breath. Reprint please indicate this article by the joint advertising alliance (www.liangao.com) original.



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