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Online shopping mall Jingdong beat the world at par

you love shopping

McCain price?

if you don’t like it, then the seller of the brand category may be your first choice.

if you don’t love Kanjia and very busy shopping through the network may be a better choice.

from overseas since the financial crisis, Chinese network shopping market instead of market growth, according to iResearch statistics, in 2008 Chinese the scale of online shopping transactions exceeded 100 billion yuan, up 128 billion 180 million, an increase of 128.5% compared to 2007, the highest growth over the years.

in this one of the most dazzling is the online IT and home appliance sales company Jingdong store, its sales volume in the first B2C enterprises ranked, next is the excellence and Dangdang has been operating for many years.

in December last year, compared with sales in November grew by more than 30%, while the average monthly growth of about 11%, Xu Lei, vice president of Jingdong mall told reporters.

analysts believe that the core competition of Jingdong is cost-effective and high quality assurance, but in scale rapidly expand and plans this year sales volume reached 4 billion yuan, the operation of supply chain will be the operator needs to face the challenges.

low cost strategy

annual sales of 10 million yuan, from $80 million to $30 million, and then to 2008 of $320 million, Jingdong mall since the establishment of the annual growth rate of about 300%.

2007, capital of more than ten million dollars today Jingdong mall. In January of this year, today’s capital, bull capital, as well as Asia’s famous investment banker Liang Botao Private Companies joint injection of $21 million.

Xu Xinceng, President of

capital today, told reporters that the reason for its fancy mall Jingdong is optimistic about its sales model, fit the needs of today’s emerging crowd.

and behind this rapid growth, the core part is based on the low price strategy based on genuine. In Beijing many campus BBS is sensitive to the price, we are very keen to "Jingdong ticket" in the new digital products trading area transfer, buyers have to store the price of Jingdong as a reference object, many people buy digital products will first consider online shopping.

, after all, went to Zhongguancun also need to bargain, and the Jingdong is not so trouble, but also to the home." Some consumers think so.

and Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong mall in the University, using his spare time programming work, IT product sales in Zhongguancun after graduation. As optimistic about the direction of B2C, he turned off the line of stores founded Jingdong mall.

the most difficult time, because of its low price strategy for the brand IT business under the channel operators had a shock, making Jingdong by a number of brand vendors boycott. >


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