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The first video in the end who is pornographic website

because I made the first video in the Admin5 you black how many webmaster a text known as the first video of the person in charge of water (QQ) to find me, here is our dialogue, we look at the next,

what is pornography, what they define pornography.

this picture is the so-called evidence of his retention on my website,


the source of the http://s.789.com.cn/html/meinv/20070519/952.html page (we can also look at, I will not change).

just because of the above 2 pictures, we positioned as a porn site. So I also cut the VODone on the map to see which one should be defined as a porn site


countries have been allowed to do medical advertising, then the first video do what we see the following figure


according to the graph above you in the end is to look at the water really is to solve the problem is to find fault? Is not malicious


after the deduction of money to find your question, "guilty verdict". If you are guilty, ask your question again!

attached below is our dialogue record..

users: all groups (QQ friends)


message group: stranger (1015)


message type: chat log



message object: water true (269964614)


2008-06-17 16:13:31 269964614



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