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Read the long tail theory sense in the era of knowledge economy everything is possible

read Chris – Anderson’s "long tail theory", so I think a lot of things, a lot of things around me, and my personal experience.

long tail theory is not only a IT book, through this book, the context of social development will be clearly visible, our economy has gradually changed to the era of knowledge economy, and a large number of low-cost industrial era has become the past, when people no longer have to worry about dinner, amateur life becomes a choice, this is the inevitable result the accumulation of social wealth.

we used to meet in a bowl of millet gruel, a dish of pickles, plus two Steamed Buns, now the whole table food, eat no passion. Choose to do more, so the hotel business model more and more, to meet the different needs of extreme events is civet induced by SARS virus, and even some other more heinous catering market.

is not only food, US, all of life, all in the engineering construction has also change rapidly, even if not the same duplication, edifice more humane atmosphere, unique buildings more refined chemical products also meet the eye everywhere, and human wisdom is omnipresent, all in all, we provide a fertile the material world.

the choice of diversification, the essence of demand diversification, past people have become popular, but now it has gradually become the different ethnic groups, Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. it can be said that, in poor economic times, is the concept of "public" rape had forced the people, because in addition to have the attention like, people don’t have to pay more attention to. Now go to different, the TV program no longer has a unique so-called orthodox, countless achievements of a number of different values, different entertainment concept of various types of television programs.

Internet video, TV up more like chicken ribs, the network development process will make the gradual transformation of traditional media and even the formation of new forms of media or profitable way, to create all of this comes from the development of the Internet, rather is brought by the development of electronic technology revolution in information technology, information transmission and low cost close to "0", the business cost is greatly reduced, the exhibition space to expand indefinitely, even free, people acquire knowledge of the diversification of the pipeline, this will make more and more traditional media failure, reputation becomes an important form of business promotion, and continues to expand, the future will be more from the brand to share and recommend instead, advertising.

all this is declared a niche market era is gradually moving towards us, any person can become the production elements, through the network because of this amplifier, anyone can get low cost other people knowing the product schedule, to meet your requirements, so the large number of statistics in the blue tail 50%, share the wealth of the world, the 20/80 rule is broken.

this tells us that in this day and age, as long as you are self sufficient and you are willing to serve the community, you can always


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