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Local B2C will be the ultimate trend of e-commerce

According to the domestic

in recent years the development of electronic commerce, the dominance of C2C seem to have shaped, known even in the low-end users, online shopping is to go shopping on taobao.com, taobao.com 2008 turnover of 99 billion 960 million yuan, the results really can not be ignored…

but this is a foregone conclusion? I’m afraid not, but the Jingdong store, VANCL and joyo.com B2C increasingly strong momentum of growth, high-end customers prefer the B2C shopping platform trusted.

taobao.com to develop Taobao mall, Ma also claimed that "taobao.com has never thought of the C2C, has never been C2C before" and remember to embrace change in his promise and then deny in succession, to the author of a letter and also referred to "". This change seems to be behind his special theory of planning, market share, profitability decline on taobao.com, B2C obviously.

online shopping increasingly popular knowledge, the future is bound to increase to more secure shopping in B2C ratio, visible taobao.com is aware of this point, the profit and customer demand points are the only proper course to take in the future development, but this is not the future of e-commerce market the most development potential of the model, after all is said and done what is the best mode of e-commerce


is a word called "local B2C", I was at the beginning of this year in Changsha when some of this idea, both city online mall, its advantage is called fast food shopping and convenient hours to call, door-to-door delivery, cash on delivery, return guarantee. Compared with the current e-commerce transaction has high reliability, short cycle, convenient customer service service, currently the only one company in February issued a $1 million financing project, to do this, there is no specific VC injection is still unknown…

e-commerce and the meaning of curing employees too many patterns, is just a job, but its real meaning is "electronic business", that is to say do buying and selling things on the Internet, and highlight the advantages of local B2C "really is a bottleneck restricting the rapid development of electronic commerce. Believe that" local B2C "to enter the domestic e-commerce market, the pattern will change in the short term


and the operation of the model is more likely to succeed in the following modes:

, 1 more than the existing domestic entities to carry out online mall sales B2C, China opened the 109 large supermarkets such as Carrefour has 81 shopping malls in China, WAL-MART in its high visibility, the supply of quality, sales experience are the advantage of the success of


2, learn from the start of a Jingdong mall industry, and gradually develop a variety of one-stop shopping, from a city gradually developed to a number of cities, to seize the old members, and constantly attract new members;

3, the domestic well-known C2C to expand the local B2C business, the introduction of high-quality sellers supply >


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