Every day electronic you will no business

Internet is the first few business, e-commerce is also the Internet business, and traditional business is not the same, you do a very small life will be very comfortable. A lot of us should pay more attention to the "business model", talking about "electronic" all day. How about, we can do 3C from various aspects of financial strength are not strong and so on Jingdong, Newegg and other aspects, we have no way and the top three industries, if you can not enter the top, you will die the possibility is almost one hundred percent. Jingdong Liu also said that 2012 will be the collapse of e-commerce years, e-commerce will fall, industry vertical type is not so good, so we send you the electronic commerce colleagues, a considerable part of the die, then you are expected to do their end.


China’s future mainstream business model will be experiential marketing and database marketing". Japan’s communications sales company DHC is a good example of experiential marketing and database marketing. Through television, newspapers, networks and other media push send trial package, and then build a huge customer database. The first customer information it obtains is tens of millions of level, become its customers in more than 2 million, the acquisition data in a single customer cost more than 8 dollars, plus postage, product samples and other costs, the final completion of an experiential marketing cost 13 dollars in a single. The famous FMCG Brand in Guangzhou to promote the toothbrush is experiential marketing. His toothbrush 10 a few. My friend is a district where more than 3 thousand households, the lion in a few days free toothbrush activities in this area, a value of 10 yuan in exchange for allowing only a few lion toothbrush, but to register the identity information. Because it is free of charge for the cost of what will not be charged in the District, only a few employees take a few days time, Taiwan can get more than 3 thousand copies of identity information, because the toothbrush is own production, production costs will not exceed 1 dollars. So what is the cost of acquiring individual customer data?. Lower than DHC. In fact, his toothbrush effect is slightly better, the use of taste, there is nothing special.

cosmetics industry and FMCG industry is a highly competitive industry, foreign companies can use this way to open the market, is it worth learning and thinking about it?

experiential marketing and database marketing will be the mainstream business model in the near future. China now many enterprises began to carry out experiential marketing to carry out 500 thousand products: such as honyaradoh free trial activities. Database marketing, database marketing, some advanced foreign enterprises enter China, such as DHC, the lion etc..

PS: China first listed e-commerce companies who? Jingdong, Dangdang network,…… Maybe not.

should be the enterprise Yisheng Kang health products marketing company. Their annual revenue reached more than 10 billion yuan, an average of each order in the amount of 600 yuan.


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