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Jingdong does not mean that Jingdong self-management The truth

today, Jingdong proprietary Jingdong is not the end of the self initiated widespread concern. It stems from a man in Jingdong after the purchase of Jingdong proprietary products found that Jingdong is not self-employed Jingdong e-commerce business sales.



e-commerce company, told the court that "self" for the Jingdong and Jingdong group operated non mall import, specific sales subject determined by the Jingdong group according to the order according to the specific circumstances, namely consumer location, inventory, by the Jingdong group to decide the invoice and shipping company main body.

the court held that the "Jingdong proprietary" concept of fuzzy, easy to mislead consumers, only through the application of the invoice in order to know the real situation of import goods sellers, advised Jingdong in the web pages to make significant "proprietary" proprietary concept clear explanation.

then, Jingdong official gives such a mouthful of self explanation: "Jingdong is the Jingdong Group subsidiary is the Jingdong proprietary proprietary."

, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that Jingdong group responded that the self-employed for the Jingdong group, rather than Jingdong mall self, the main sales of the specific decision by the Jingdong group.

"we have a unified purchase of goods by the company, according to the regional distribution to the warehouse, by the regional subsidiaries for sale." It is reported that the Jingdong group’s sales of proprietary goods qualification has more than a dozen subsidiaries, such as Jingdong of Beijing century Information Technology Co. Ltd., a Jingdong in Tianjin Hai Rong Trade Limited company, Shenyang Jingdong Century Trading Co., etc.."

In addition

, often found in the Jingdong shopping there will be "global purchase difference between self" and "self Jingdong", two of the price difference is very big, such as a jar of adult milk, a price of 56 yuan, a price of 68 yuan, with the "self" label. 56 yuan milk powder is the source of the world’s flagship store to buy food, the source of 68 yuan milk powder is shipped self flagship store (Jingdong self)".

what is the difference between "Jingdong for global purchase self" and "self Jingdong"? Jingdong group responded that the Jingdong and the Jingdong purchased a mall global partnership, Jingdong for global purchase website mall entrance, Germany and shipped the two commodity formula one from Jingdong, Jingdong is a global shopping mall, global the purchase of proprietary foreign vendors (global Jingdong purchase) sales in overseas websites, so the price is different.

Jingdong said, Jingdong global purchase is one of the subsidiaries of Jingdong group, is registered overseas sales of the company, there is no problem with standard self.

in addition, also with the "global purchase" and "proprietary" label of 64 pieces of baby diapers Kao m, a 119 yuan, a price of 85 yuan.

price of 119 yuan of goods "Kao Kao diapers from overseas official flagship store (global purchase)", under the name of the shop is described.


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