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Discussion see market segmentation from Ma Jiajia dripping fun shop

Ma Jiajia, sex shop, market segmentation, want to see the words of friends have to guess about the second, yes, today a few cases come about market segmentation the owners got an earful of words

Ma Jiajia, said today bad Street Internet thinking, basically will be mentioned, she put the obscure shy fun shop was open to our work in just ways, and thus attract many fans, of which there are undeniable Internet thinking, but I think it is more important to all this fun shop, touch grass root pain points, how many have the courage to work in just ways into appeal shop, take away that you under under the watchful eyes of the people love and hate the aircraft cup, most still keep in front of the computer, silently receiving orders, silently, even ashamed to tell anyone. Adult products industry, this does not belong to the breakdown of the field, but the beauty of sexy goods store, which is definitely not a fine field.

talked about the taste, naturally think of, think of, on the nature of men and women who confused. This is a case for the grass root, bad boy, a study of art dating website, do not know you’ve heard or not, the second at the end of last year, only heard of such a website (xiangjianhenwan habitual), according to the thinking, in the study site before date dry cargo. I think it’s profit model, have to say, don’t know, a look surprised, all dating training and information which the price is surprisingly high, but I think, if you really can teach you how to pick up women, these training tutorial fee is not worth mentioning. But according to which students describe, because many students learned to dating the girl, life is completely changed, like a duck. Education and training industry already is the Red Sea area, but the appointment training except that my ability is lack of national pain point, in my Chinese environment, so all kinds of grass root Mensao men and women especially need, people will fire the behoove. At the same time to the subdivision and pain point


tutorial and training can make money, has been somewhat contrary to our traditional thinking, the second again for everyone to see some wonderful products destroyed three concept.


in order to talk about selling transport breaks, sell lottery cheats, sell a penny wallpaper, selling adult films, selling security transaction unblocking, they have a characteristic of "opportunistic", to be honest, two admire them, really admire, though a bit opportunistic, but free trade why not. This is because these examples involve market segmentation, why? The second give you an example,

this is a website devoted to modify the difference in assessment, now Baidu "bad review modify" ranked first, profit we can try to figure out. Since repair bad review can be a segment, Taobao shop. Why not be the


said three example, if it could not find segments of the two words, give.


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