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Taobao small C e-commerce is a way to breed national brands

is a casual sportswear, a pair of black half glasses, wrist is a huge string of beads, smiling eyes bent into a crescent shape, the tone is always calm.

has been claiming to "Taobao C" Li Yang Taobao is the five crown seller, by the end of 2006, with his wife Pauline Fei Yue "(net) in Taobao opened a shop, named" civilian woman home "(shop33526772.taobao.com).

has been engaged in the network editor "Lotus Princess Yue", the women’s skin care and thoughtful in the store, founded at the beginning, many former readers into her customer, which in the opinion of Li Yang, is their Taobao store in the beginning is not a lack of customers.


figure: Taobao small C Li Yang

from the agent to do their own brand

shop "commoner" home "office in a commercial dual-use apartment, not a lot of space, in order to express customer service and team office, three warehouse shelves full to the brim to store shops in various categories of products.

In fact,

, the shop opened at the beginning of 2006, media people born Li Yang couple also met supply problems, the traditional enterprises are not willing to supply a small shop, and big brand products of high prices, the purchase difficult, Li Yang, they choose some small and medium-sized enterprise products and promotion of the network, such as some of the old domestics skin care brand, and sales such as honey, mushrooms and other health food.

in 2007, after the network agency started to get several small brands, the princess Yue and through their own accumulation of skin care experience and shop market feeling, and vendor communication involved in the planning launched several new products, sales and marketing in the network. The success of these new products on the network, but also continue to enhance their understanding of the market and network marketing confidence.

2008, a scientific research institutions and their cooperation in Beijing, developed its own products, "Pauline Fei Yue" brand of skin care products by small molecule research institutions of extraction of patent technology. From "simple retail box" to promote the brand agency cooperation with the manufacturers, manufacturers of new products to participate in the planning, research and development, finally embarked on a lotus Princess Yue Road of brand. Now, "Pauline Fei Yue" skin care products has been extended to nearly 30 single product, including cream, facial mask, essence, etc. series of products.

electricity supplier is a national brand breeding way

2008, Li Yang couple set up a lotus Princess Yue Trading Company, "Pauline Fei Yue" officially became Li Yang’s own brand. In fact, the independent development of new products distributor when Li Yang and his wife have tried, Li Yang couple provide product ingredients needed by the manufacturer, production and manufacturing, so build out several skin care products on the market have been recognized, then, Li Yang couple and Henan.


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