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Where the old past once produced clothing is rubbish

in 2011, where the most lively, there are more than 13 thousand people in the company, President of light level leadership has thirty or forty customers, but step by step in crisis. Now, we only have 300 people, as the core team shirt only 7 people, but the business is running smoothly. I can’t help thinking how many people used to be doing


is now in retrospect, more lively, more people burn dawdle. We have to achieve annual sales target of 10 billion, pushing down the need to expand the category, how many SKU (stock), how many people need to take this volume. In accordance with the principles of a person seven people, the company will have dozens of deputy director, the director of the two hundred or three hundred.

at that time, I was intoxicated in this kind of lively, put all the energy on how to manage these more than 10 thousand people, but do not know the company really should be the value of management.

Lei dreamer awoke to gross margin, to the organizational structure, to KPI


where the most prosperous, I started to feel faint wrong, but do not know where is wrong. The first time I really woke up, let me thoroughly reflect every guest mode, is a good brother Lei me for years. I like Lei Jun was born in 1969, he was 8 months younger than me. In the past 17 years, we have been working together to communicate a lot. Because of the relationship between peers, we have a lot of understanding in life and soul.

June 2013, I with Lei Jun in every guest a drink of wine, chat very happy, there is disagreement about. Lei bluntly, said this is where the blind expansion of a previous era, enterprises in the future will be like millet, to the user demand, use the product to build brand. His words stimulated me a lot, I think from the user’s growth to predict the growth of the business, in order to arrange the idea of SKU is also established. I thought you do millet developed, also need not to embarrass me.

the conversation part, I really sincerely convinced to Lei Jun is two months after. In August 29, 2013, I to angry, ask him to visit customers. I emptied half a floor, put all the samples we hang out. When I walk with Lei Jun in hundreds of hangers when I feel embarrassed, because this is my first time to see so many real products. I was frustrated to find that none of them got a shot. Lei Jun said he did not feel like a brand store, but the Department store.

After this

thing let me completely Renzai, Lei Jun and I have seven or eight times, each seven or eight hours long. Lei Jun said: "enough attention, not enough reason where the problem is." He gave me the guest out of the "three transformation to gross margin, to the organization, to KPI". Lei Jun asked me, you can only do a first focus on the most basic products? I think, the most basic shirt, can also reflect the technical content, but the most basic shirt is white shirt.

starts with the "simplest" white shirt


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