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Jingdong accused of selling fake leather clothing clothes hung two signs

Zhang spent 4716 yuan for the company from the Jingdong store bought 12 pieces of leather, was discovered after receipt of each clothes there are two signs, the implementation of standards, material composition, safety standards are not the same. Zhang tried to contact the merchant did not respond. Recently, the Beijing morning news reporters after the intervention, the final coordination of third party Jingdong merchants clothing store return and compensation for mr..

a pair of clothes signs

Zhang is a company salesman, in November 25th, he orders at the mall to buy 12 Jingdong fur coat, the total price of 4716 yuan. Three days after the arrival, Mr. Zhang said, when the heart will "click" one, "the Internet that is leather, but I still did not open the package, smell a pungent chemical odor". Unpacking carefully check the clothes, Mr. Zhang found that the quality of clothing is not good, the work is too rough, and he even found on each piece of the two signs, the information displayed is not the same."

photos provided by Mr. Zhang shows that these two signs a large and small, small signs stuck in the bottom of the big signs, just cover the material composition of the big signs. Reporters noted that the two signs of the information far, big sign standard shows FZ/T81007-2003, a small sign is FZ/T81008-2011; fabric components, large signs of 90% cotton, 5% polyester, 2% elastic and 3% other small signs, 100% for washed leather (sheep); safety standard data, large label display for the B class, C class small label display.

reporter inquiry found that in January 1, 2005 the implementation of the provisions of the "basic safety technical specifications" national textile products, clothing dyeing and finishing in the post process to add various dyes, additives or harmful substances, so the state of textile products requires the most basic technical aspects of security, including a class of infant clothing, class B direct contact with the skin clothing, C class for non direct contact to skin clothing. "There are two signs on the dress, one that can touch the skin, one can not say, I believe which?".

return and double compensation

Mr. Zhang also noticed a detail that two signs showed no clothes belonging to the leather, a cotton, a washed leather, the two are not leather! "Mr. Zhang think that the Jingdong businesses in selling, but repeatedly in the online contact the merchant did not get a reply. He complained to the Jingdong, customer service, customer service after consultation with the seller first insisted that the clothes do not have quality problems, said after the seller is willing to return, Jingdong compensation 400 yuan vouchers, Mr. Zhang was not satisfied with the results of this treatment.

recently, the reporter will be reflected in the matter to the public relations department of Jingdong, the other replied that the coordination of businesses for customers to apply for refund, and give a certain amount of compensation, the rectification period has been related to the shelves of goods. Jingdong also said it would strictly manage the business in accordance with the rules of the platform. Yesterday, Mr. Zhang confirmed that Jingdong has indeed contacted him, promised to return and compensate >


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