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Gome online new CEO target 60 billion independent listing


the United States finally on business the real thing, but not too long, behind the United States online still have a chance to catch up with


waiting for Wong Kwong Yu to return to the United States recently moved constantly. After the end of July, the more than and 500 non listed stores into the listed company in August 5th, Gome announced Li Juntao as senior vice president of the United States online CEO, the original CEO Mou Guixian will remain chairman of Gome online. Following Han Depeng, Gao Xiang and after the year old, became Gome’s fourth CEO. He Yangqing, Gome’s senior vice president of the United States as the online COO, while enabling the two veteran, the state of the United States can see the electricity supplier’s mentality tangled, both attention, but also do not rest assured to the foreign monks.


Li Juntao said, better than the different

Li Juntao told the press, in 2015 the United States and the United States has no hard target pressure, my goal is to do 60 billion in 2017, equal to the reconstruction of a United states. When it is not online business into the listed company, but the United States to separate online listing." 2014, Gome’s revenue is only 60 billion yuan, Gome online if you can do 60 billion can really meet as equals. Less than two years, to achieve more than ten times the growth, the difficulty is probably greater than the profitability.


in the eyes of the United States, the United States has been the nearest distance from the United States, but has not been flying. July 26th, Gome announced that will be $11 billion 268 million total transaction price will be holding 578 non listed stores shareholders Wong Kwong Yu family wholly owned into the listed company, the total number of GOME stores rose to more than 1 thousand and 700. The ultimate ownership of the Wong Kwong Yu family of shareholders to exercise full share rights will rise from 32.43% to 55.34%, to achieve absolute control.

The United States has not been fully realized in

. Gome CFO Fang Wei said, Gome online are not involved in this integration, in addition to the 60% shares of Gome holding, and 40% of the shares in the hands of the parent company. The current valuation of the online business is basically zero, but also a loss, but will be diluted into the listed company earnings." Fang Wei explained.

but the value of the capital market for online business has been far more than the store, the United States after the announcement of the stock price does not rise or fall, down 13%. Fang Wei told the magazine, Gome has 10 consecutive months of performance to achieve market growth, about 1.5 Hong Kong dollars price does not reflect the value of the United states.

in the eyes of investors, and now on behalf of the retail industry in the future, is not the United states.

the United States had the opportunity to change all that, as early as 2012, when the United States has acquired Kuba into the electricity supplier, but the positioning is not clear, the double brand operation for a period of time that every 2014 turned to the integration of Kubba, this one.


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