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1 million copies of a penny commodity, Tmall want to rely on money to win the Beijing Market

in all electricity providers and O2O companies are valued in this city, Tmall supermarket action late, but looking forward to high

sometimes very envious of the people of Beijing: because in the past two years, they can always be a round of subsidies and the red tide and the rain hit. If used well, it is possible to reduce the cost of living can be slightly.

because of the "postal package" effect, Tmall supermarket may be all the major electricity supplier, later realized the importance of a market in Beijing. The hair after harder — at the end of July to the Beijing area hit 1 billion subsidy to attract consumers after September 16th (today) was given to Beijing’s "Tmall supermarket Carnival", there are 1 million copies of the cosmetic, food commodities will be 1 cents to the price of foreign sales, buy a send a price sales of goods are also many.

earlier, "1 cents" this almost free form of subsidies, has been Tmall supermarket scored term campus market. Tmall supermarket in Beijing responsible Cheng Shaoxiong told the "Daily" curiosity said that Beijing is a campus centralized place, in recent years, college students’ consumption ability is also very fast, "this is the future trend of the consumer population may be a real leader."

short-term heavy subsidies, Tmall supermarket also poured their money into the traditional advertising model: the Beijing subway car, transfer channel, bus body, newspaper layout, the future will be a good occupation of this simple and crude form of advertising:


Cheng Shaoxiong said that this round of promotion tide may until after the double 11 will start to fall, during will ensure that during the distribution process to provide high-quality, stable, and "human" service, "the next day, the day of the delivery speed can be achieved. To this end, Tmall has opened up a huge storage space of 120 thousand square meters in Tianjin, Wuqing, in the near future to ensure that the premise of the Beijing market, you can radiate the whole North china.

proprietary products, large-scale advertising, logistics speed…… At least from the formal point of view, the difference between Tmall supermarket and Jingdong super business, has become smaller and smaller.

this is probably Tmall supermarket in Beijing market share for the top, something had to give up.


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