Jingdong UAV delivery in rural areas

[Abstract] Jingdong test UAV supply mainly in the completion of the distribution from the distribution station to rural promoters.


technology news (Le Tian) January 31st news, Jingdong R & D system of logistics laboratory in Jiangsu days before Suqian launched UAV delivery experiments on UAV delivery process, flight system, mobilize equipment requirements, personnel division and other aspects of the test.


staff of Jingdong (Tencent adjustable UAV technology plan)


Jingdong (Tencent takeoff UAV technology plan)


Jingdong drones flying over the fields (Tencent technology plan)


UAV landing in the country Jingdong (Tencent technology plan)

had some electricity providers and logistics companies try to UAV delivery mode, the Jingdong tested UAV delivery not for individual orders for the final consumer, is mainly from the distribution station to the rural electricity supplier in the core distribution promotion of the country.

The reason is that

, often less than 10 km from the distribution station to line from the village, but because of the terrain, mountains, river needs a distribution, delivery staff sometimes need more than half the time, the time cost is very high.

at the same time, the average weight and volume of small and medium pieces of goods are not high, very suitable for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to complete the bulk of the goods from the distribution station to the rural promoters.

Jingdong even imagine the future through the industrialization process, the Jingdong UAV automatic loading, automatic take-off, automatic accurate landing.

it is reported that, from the trend of science and technology, the future will be more and more UAV commercial applications. According to the news blog Mashable reported that in recent years, people began to use drones to help them carry out a variety of crazy sports, and even some people try to ski".


"unmanned aerial vehicle (Droneboarding)" is similar to kite surfing, but it uses skis instead of surfboard. In this campaign, people are not being taken away by the kite, but was pulled by drones.


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