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Traditional electricity providers do business difficult three reasons

traditional enterprise net "has been for some years, but according to the China Franchise Association statistics, in 2012 the traditional enterprise electric retail slowdown, or even their own websites shut down part of the traditional enterprise; has to carry out the business of traditional enterprises, the proportion of online business scale often a lot lower than the line of small scale; as of the first half data show in 2012. The Internet retail top ten only suning.com is a traditional business background, the rest are all pure business. How to explain the difficulty of traditional enterprise electricity supplier it?


the reason why the traditional business electricity supplier difficult road is mainly restricted by three aspects of

a. Operational concept constraints

traditional business concept, China is a typical "relational society", so the traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier, will make full use of their own resources in enterprises under the existing line, so that they ignore business real "potential customers – Internet users". Make full use of resources under the line understandable, but it is clear that the primary and secondary is good to do bad things.

two. Internal control serious

operating concept is different, leading to the introduction of new talent within the enterprise and the larger differences, senior executives can not make the right judgments in a timely manner. The main constraints come from the conflict between traditional business and business interests of the electricity supplier, a total solution to the contradictions of the program there are two:

brand segmentation, online and offline brands are different

product segments, online and offline products are different

three. Keep up with the pace of the Internet

it is clear that traditional companies can not adapt to the ever-changing Internet moment, whether it is a traditional business leaders or employees, in a short time it is difficult to make timely response.

keep up with the pace of two programs:

outsourcing electricity supplier projects, handed over to other companies. Need to be reminded that it is obvious that the outsourcing companies do not pay more attention to the traditional corporate brand image.

set up a separate project team, the recruitment of electricity providers in the field of authority, responsible for the formation and operation of the entire team and projects.

traditional enterprises to do e-commerce, but also has advantages, such as a strong capital, mature products, can rely on off the shelf brands. In conclusion, such as traditional enterprises can rely on existing advantages, solve the existing disadvantages, I believe that soon there will be some as on the internet.

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