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Men’s Day is coming, Tmall wants to try high-end suit O2O private custom

April 14th news, Tmall joint 415 brands launched tomorrow, men’s day, and launched the men’s suit O2O private custom service. At present, private customized services in Angelo, VICUTU Tmall official flagship store launched the first single, the consumer online, 72 hours can be door-to-door service quantity, and puts forward the personalized demand, realize a private custom edition.

Tmall official Li Shujun said that the future direction is perpendicular to the electricity supplier + business suit custom Online + line store experience, Tmall will use its own advantages to help suit brand development O2O project, to provide more personalized products for consumers, more attentive service.

it is understood that the Angelo Tmall official flagship store on the high-end private custom suit price is 3280 yuan. Consumer orders, the volume of the body will be within 72 hours of the volume of the body, the image consultant to provide guidance, the designer will be customized according to the needs, to achieve one person version, to provide consumers with the most suitable suit. In addition to the fabric and typography, buttons and button holes, cloth color and texture, can according to the needs of production, but also provide Embroidered Name service. Each piece of private custom suit through more than and 300 steps, and within 360 hours of delivery. If the consumer is not satisfied with the custom suit, the brand side will redo, until satisfied, and provide free dry cleaning service.


private custom division general manager Zhou Guoliang said, Angelo for the project to get through the line more than and 900 experience stores and online Tmall official flagship store resources, with more than 300 professional divisions and the volume of more than Italy designers, Angelo with Tmall mens suits O2O platform to promote private customized services, from the beginning of suits, shirts, and gradually achieve full private custom category.

According to

March 2014 McKinsey report released "the next ten years China middle class", annual household disposable income in 106 thousand to 229 thousand yuan in the "upper middle class" has gradually become the mainstream of the middle class Chinese. With the growth of consumption power, the demand of consumers becomes diversified and personalized. Consumer demand for clothing fabrics, styles and the growing demand for personalized clothing, clothing, private custom is a new fashion and lifestyle.

analysis of the industry, although the Red Sea in the red dress, but the suit is private custom blue ocean. American suit O2O private Custom Brands Indochino and Bonobos in the past two years just launched soon to get ten million investment. The British Saville street after more than and 100 years of experience is still the custom of the Holy land. And now, Internet plus outlet on the private order to subvert the traditional clothing manufacturing industry, through Tmall big data, brands can be consumer size data and details of the requirements of storage, the version generated the most suitable for optimization, and promote the industry flexible supply chain transformation, Tmall large amount so that vertical electric full space or will build the outlet of Saville street.


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