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Shenzhen this year, more than 50 business failures industry said closures might start


industry insiders said the collapse of the tide may be just beginning, nearly 40% of the group is facing the closed network Shenzhen Daily reporter Su Haiqiang

this year, Shenzhen has more than and 50 e-commerce sites closed down, nearly 40% buy network is facing bankruptcy. The industry is expected that China’s comprehensive B2C e-commerce company five years later, perhaps only 1 ~ 3. At present, e-commerce enterprises should really sink in the heart, "Wadong deep and wide grain".

May 8th, the country’s largest brand discount site vip.com announced that once again get Sequoia Capital and DCM joint venture capital $50 million. However, when vip.com toast to celebrate the time, but some other e-commerce companies have quietly fallen.

reporter interviewed in recent days found that this year, only Shenzhen has more than 50 e-commerce companies closed down. In the capital again big hit into the net in the upsurge of electronic commerce industry "closures" began with Hong Bo.

capital frequent generous

it is understood that vip.com was founded in December 2008, by virtue of its unique business model, brand discount + Flash sale, currently has 2 million 300 thousand registered members, 2010 sales of more than 300 million yuan, becoming the largest brand discount website. Vip.com was in October 2010 to get Sequoia Capital and DCM joint venture capital of $20 million A round of financing, the financing of $50 million for the region of B2C e-commerce in the field of B largest round of financing in Southern China.

vip.com huge financing is just another wave of e-commerce business financing boom. Statistics show that in 2010 China’s e-commerce industry accumulated 55 pen financing, involving a total of more than $more than and 40, the total amount of more than $1 billion 60 million. ChinaVenture hit group exclusive to Shenzhen daily the data show that as of May 10th this year, Chinese e-commerce has financing event occurred 37. Disclosure of the amount of 26, the disclosure of the amount of $2 billion 50 million, close to last year’s two times.

burn profit less

recently, careful people will find that on TV frequently appeared in Chen Yao riding a small donkey cartoon shouting at people to "fair" picture; and those from the bus body, more a "handle" scene……

in the intervention of the capital, the entire electricity supplier industry to join the crazy burn wars, advertising, promotion, and group purchase seckill overwhelming advertising is full of people around. VANCL aged CEO said recently that this year where the advertising marketing costs will reach 1 billion yuan. In the electricity supplier counterparts competition, major portals advertising prices soared 30% this year to 50%.

"China’s e-commerce market as a whole is now trading volume, but e-commerce"


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