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Ning Mei country to join Razer belief host Madden pre-sale


distance of double eleven, less than a month’s time, buddies ready to chop hands? During the double eleven, Tmall will have a big wave Er value cool struck, this year is no exception, major businesses have begun planning this year Tmall brains dual eleven activities. The day before, we learned that Ningmei Guo double eleven pre-sale has been popular open. The first is a religion full of high-end gaming consoles, let’s go and have a look!


Ningmei Guo the use of global lifestyle brand Razer game player Razer theme image to create a flagship game, the first game of kryptonite Mars host which is Ningmei Guo using Razer chassis design theme. The game host allows us to see the launch of what was the original "black green belief", large number of Razer fans have tempted heart small excited



this is a tribute to the game player game console, by Razer, Antec and America Ning three party together and become, with Razer classic black green color tone, using customized hardware and water-cooled design top, with customized black green wire, let the game player who felt full of sincerity.


the machine configuration is as follows: CPU with a frequency of up to 4GHz Core i7 6700K four processor core eight thread, collocation flagship GeForce GTX 1070 8G graphics card, you can make all kinds of mainstream big game play on the market; the introduction of 16G DDR4 3200 256G M.2 solid state hard disk memory and ensure that the game host can rapid loading all kinds of applications and games, eliminate annoying wait; use CPU and GPU double water cooling system so that the game host can keep cool at the same time, the problem of noise, so that you can be totally immersed in the game world, from all external interference.


this "kryptonite Mars" game consoles currently in Tmall has started the pre-sale price of 11111 yuan, to pay 100 deposit in double eleven day can be reached with 150 yuan, and 400 yuan coupons can grab the hand, the price of 11111-400-50=10661 yuan, the value of home! If you feel once took so much money is difficult? Never mind, you can choose 12 installments, and 0 Shoufu interest 0 Oh, each only 926 yuan



addition, collection of baby and Hao Li hands, Xinjiang UAV, LETV TV wizard multiple good >


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