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Online shop under the crisis selling scarce is preferred

China hundreds of millions of people online, is not a small temptation for any business, and this figure is still in a very alarming rate of increase.

if the concept, two years before the electronic commerce or the investors stir today, online trading has become a real business behavior. Chinese change speed is too fast, today the development of e-commerce and so, the day after tomorrow? Who can not such a big cake for itching eyes? Open shop benefits needless to say.

but there are two points that need attention:

1, shop location problem

some of the shop owner of goods blindly greedy big greed, resulting in the shop is difficult to form their own characteristics, so the transaction has been on the go. I suggest novice shop as much as possible some stores and boutiques, as long as the shop to do fine do, the same can have a relatively large volume of transactions. High quality and inexpensive, exclusive resources is the eternal law of the business organization, who can find a good supply, who can get the lowest purchase price, who should seize the scarce resources, who will have a good profit, or the price and goods and users are most concerned about the current. The author suggests that the shop owner can and some stores with some people in charge of physical stores are not familiar with the Internet marketing, this is actually an opportunity to shop, the shop selling goods store is selected, the consumer can goods to the shop to see the goods, this can reduce the concerns of consumers, thereby greatly increase trading opportunities. Another advantage of doing so is that you can easily solve the problem of purchase and logistics.

2, item selection problem

online sales the most popular things are still some low-priced brand-name products, mainly because consumers do not doubt the quality of brand-name products, they think that the price level is the purchase channels is different, so willing to spend to buy some cheap brand-name products. In fact, the other one is something that people tend to ignore, it is scarce products. Rare, some things, with strong regional characteristics, is not easy to find in the local, there is the latest products, the latest research and development of this kind of product is mainly composed of their DIY create personalized products and exclusive goods industry. These two types of products are also easy to deal online. Therefore, the shop owner should find some quality stable products or others are not easy to find products online sales, mainly to sell a scarce". Scarce products less competitors, the price should not be compared, has a strong competitive edge. I know a shop selling handicraft embroidery shop, business is fire, and there are many foreign guests, this shop is scarce; and natural plant dye underwear, women underwear market, basically do not see, who first agent of this kind of product, is to grab an advantage also if the business is not good? For young people, the new products with a desire or acceptance is the highest. Scarcity of goods is to meet the needs of these people. There is a saying business field: what is the market opportunity? That gap and fill it !


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