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Ban million old webmaster Baidu lost Adsense heart

      2 ID ban Baidu alliance, Baidu is small, but the difficult personal webmaster, can only be used to describe the disaster, according to the old owners reflect, Baidu blocked his ID at the same time, not only confiscated thousands of yuan of income for the month, will all this website webmaster server on the lower right, even the 10000 no more use scores also zhaodanquanshou.

      according to the picture, the two account the webmaster has contributed to 12587929+14431592 search volume is close to thirty million for the Baidu, and the closure of the cause is only Guan Jian words accumulated cheating, the webmaster hao123 imitation of the popular Guan Jian word links to blame, why Baidu can be a few months ago is not sealed, and now that letter? We consulted the closure of the webmaster, he said that may be because these days are on the volume, and may be applied for a major league certification, Baidu has never looked back from the audit site.

      to talk about the word of Guan Jian is done whether accumulation of cheating, Baidu alliance webmaster all know, Baidu search to profit is inertia. According to the webmaster introduced, all of the sites he developed almost all use Baidu search ID, search the default browser can also use Baidu, although now try to remove all the Baidu code, but to view the background in the League statistics, every day there are still more than 10 thousand of the search volume, although slowly decreased, but in the future a long period of time, at least a month will bring profit to the Baidu 2000-4000, and the money will not be a webmaster!

      " search in Baidu; Baidu blocked " and find the relevant pages of about 1080000, because the negative news caused by Baidu bid is beyond count, Baidu as the large Internet companies, continue to ban webmaster, will feel fear of the other Union users? Is Baidu really is to the enterprise in the flatter?

two alliance after the right screenshot




The chief of

negotiations, Baidu’s attitude is very tough, feel completely disregard the webmaster, often used to strengthen the tone of..



hao123 hot Guan Jian word link, there have been bidding links, and now can not find, plus the group is a few ordinary word

Guan Jian words: < a href=" http://s.baidu.com/baidu? Tn=tlllq_pg&>


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