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What is the healthy development of the higher

Several main Wangzhuan nothing more than

now popular marketing model, to pull off the assembly line, a trick one, this is a wicked talent dry out.

recommended Wangzhuan or do the station, we can analysis into four modes, that is the real healthy business model, the real business alliance, personal, common website, according to supply and demand closely together, in line with market rules. To have traffic must have rich people, especially the content, will retain people, with a fixed group of users, the better

1 cell portal to provide information, content, to provide convenience to the community, the collection of business advertising fees.

2 free resources. Software, movies, pictures, novels, etc., but do not want to put this thing on a foreign server, which is a very serious problem of copyright abroad, China in the next five years, may also be free content will be dealt with.

3 to do the theme community, BBS. BLOG et al.

4 industry segments, such as your wine of interest, www.020wine.cn, good user experience, easy to find others recorded product information, arouse their desire to buy, let him become your loyal users.

5 SEO communication technology, Guangxi Wu, who are interested in spreading SEO technology on the development of the network, let their business on the Internet to do more, which is the case of www.101lv.cn.

integrated the above point of view, personal webmaster want to grow bigger, stronger, choose a familiar industry project, to learn network technology, which is the key of ADMIN5, this website is very good, is the master of the house, where we can learn, exchange, progress. This is the healthy development of Wangzhuan direction. It’s here today. How many Admin5 I will learn from you.