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Personal experience sharing do stand as Taobao

a newbie because do not know of network knowledge, so it is difficult to make money in a short time, in the network are mostly young people, not what economic source, life may have become a problem for a while, though I say people, I also said my feelings, because I came from the novice, just started when the network, without work, hunger is homely food for me.

into the network, if you earn money every day from the beginning, to sustain life, they are good enough, one can own confidence, on the one hand can not work to support themselves, more important is that you will see your progress in every day. If you do make money directly, may have a certain degree of difficulty, because there are many concepts and knowledge you need to study and practice. A person’s network knowledge determines his sense of network, his consciousness is proportional to his income. Also do not compare with others, a person can not be said to be 0 yuan income from the moment into the income of 500 yuan / day. Other people’s income is high, because you are more careful and serious. When you are serious, in fact, will be found on the Internet to earn 300500 is very simple, you do not earn because you do not know the way, you do not understand the way you need to learn. I suggest that the first couple to do Taobao, Taobao do not use a lot of time every day, it will not delay your learning, Taobao is a commodity, you bought something?

I was especially interested in the

network, quit his job in 0 case of deposits, ready to go all out on the network to make a lot of people, and now, I think I must be able to earn money in the short term, but it did not, I just start to see what the project will try to do, without any what is the concept of flow based, even I do not know, ultimately did not earn a penny, but I believe I can do it, I also carefully analyzed the reasons, I need to solve the two problems, how to solve the problem of life, how to make money slowly. I think the reason why I didn’t earn money at that time, one may be what I have no network knowledge, one is that I did not find the way to make money, watching the N how to do network within the article, I decided to start learning from life, but it does not solve the problem, then spent several hundred yuan to buy a project, but still did not make money, ask the seller, the seller gave me the answer is, what I sell it to you, what you sell to others on the line, I said that you lied to me, then I go to cheat others? I angrily put the project in the delete computer. I had a lot of projects, can make money I do, the first income is 15 yuan, is in Taobao earned, Taobao gave me confidence, so I to start Taobao, then sell the mass software, because learning a lot, also observed the high credibility of the store a lot of peers. Learn from their strengths, at that time I entered the network from January, every day I in Taobao revenue 60 yuan, very stable. Finally, slowly more, but the middle a little problem, because the mass software belongs to lock up product, because the quantity of the goods I > too much.