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        hello! Easy brush network, is China’s first credit card service platform. Welcome to the majority of owners to actively invest, believe to be able to bring good returns for the webmaster
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          network was combined with P2P technology and web multimedia service settlement terminal based on trading community, create exhibition and trade to provide services for tens of millions of users a space, more service demand for hundreds of millions of users to create customized service and service interactive easy, cheap and fine of the channel. The concept of service based on the Internet network and his followers, the constant pursuit of technological innovation, improve the trading system, constructing the scientific integrity of the system and evaluation system, so valuable, the most professional service to every user, the formation of "safe, efficient and convenient" leading multimedia service trading platform.  
                relying on professional consulting, training and the guide of life and personality and entertainment needs of users, in addition to providing his network standard C2C (person to person) and B2C (organization or team of people) complete e-commerce platform service, also according to the needs of users to create a more updated to meet the transaction demand for Internet application services.
                network was always uphold the principle of listening, mining, encouragement and meet the needs of users, adhering to the "customer satisfaction" service concept, will focus on the "interactive" and "customized service" products to actively explore the Internet e-commerce model a new generation of.  
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