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How to analyze the competition keywords easy Amoy

I use

, I explain below how to analyze keywords competition difficult, are some small experience, hope to provide help to the novice.

is currently the best money when the number of Ali mother alliance Taobao CPS customer money mode, the most direct way is to do SEO, through accurate flow into income is the most effective way of the highest conversion rate, the need to establish the key through several methods, and analyze the key word competition difficulty.

, Baidu index

Through the analysis of Baidu

index can effectively understand the total number of search users, most are correct, such as a keyword keyword is 1000, then you are in the first row can receive IP traffic flow around about 200-300 (each keyword is not the same, this is my website data), Baidu index can be determined firstly the keyword of the website.

keyword selection is to determine whether the use of.

two, analysis of home page

look at the difficulty of a keyword competition, it depends on your competitors website. Open Baidu, enter your choice of keywords, take a look at the first page there are several top-level domain name in the key word. General 1-3 top-level domain is relatively easy to do, 3-5 belong to the medium difficulty, more than 5 belong to more difficult to do keywords. If you have the patience or method, you can do whatever you want to do, as long as adhere to (half a year, 1 years, or even 3 years, 5 years), you will always get what you want.

three, analysis of rival website

open in front of the opponent’s website, see Baidu snapshot time, as well as the number of included and the chain. If done well, it can be determined that the site is of interest. Determine whether there is a benefit, you can see its website registration time and update frequency. If it is registered a year ago (station registration time not in front of the row for short), now update frequency fast, can definitely prove this station to make money. After all, who do not have to do a lot of money to stop the station for a long time, the analysis of the conclusions reached N multi site: money station update frequency quickly, the chain continued to grow; do not make money owners unattended time.

so, you can determine whether the basic use of a keyword to do stand, and I hope to help novice.

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