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Taobao customers use Google free advertising fees earned 3000

I am not very proficient in SEO this profound knowledge, understand a website, art is very poor, single page promotion SEO do not very good, I do not understand, a two do not understand website design do not like the world Master as very beautiful and practical web site, and believe that there are many I like the guest students. But there are alternatives, this road can’t die from a path on another, Google recently pulled everywhere in the customer account send 1000-350 block advertising costs. The advertising fee is good enough to apply to the site on the tutorial everywhere, here do not give a detailed description of the main introduction is to apply to the advertising fee after how to do.

in fact my method is very simple, is to use a website to promote good keyword positioning itself, the most important is the keyword positioning does not require too hot are like "women", such as taobao.com I don’t do this kind of competition, the reason is very simple, you may give all the advertising costs are put have not seen and imagined that effect. My main push is cold class keyword promotion to find high commission, you can order the user experience to do a simple single page to promote, as in "breast products" this kind of Google to promote the effect is very good. Set the cost of advertising 50 yuan per day, commission income can reach almost about $100. Of course, there are a lot of similar keywords to give full play to their own magic. Some people may say such a simple way who do not understand. But the question is how do you do the same simple things different people do the result is not the same. The focus of this approach is the application of Google advertising costs. I am now 15 Google advertising to promote my hand on the station a cost of advertising a promotion, you do not have to use the 15 sites can be a single page website and so on. In fact, this income is not bad, but now this activity is still hot in the process why not let the free Google advertising fees to make money for you!


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