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ndividual developers how to make money two from their most familiar aspects of access to small prof

introduction words wrote the first article, a little afraid to write. I did not seem to have written a more than 800 words in the article, the longest one word or the year before last year in Shenzhen to work in, the boss let us write the year-end summary. A lot of people concern this public account, grace much better than me, I really display slight skill before an expert. But I was not afraid of 90!! Study hard, every day. Yesterday Nil God let me first article, too many typos, ah, xiuren ah, buddy I use pinyin input, not five pen, five pen words will prehistoric is 90 people before


ah, too much nonsense! Then, if you have slowly changed the inherent technical thinking, began to intend to make money, then we start this article.

this change way, way to


A:, a small rabbit ~ (call me!), I would like to ask how to get APP

to earn a little money?

: little rabbit to earn money, earn money is simple, 10 Fen, your friends and relatives to the neighbor girl charge calls, daily charge 100, basically can earn 8


small A: I go! Lao Tze said to engage in app make money!

rabbit: ~ ~, engage in app ah? Then you have to app, right?

small A: must have ah! I engage in the reader, but the download is not high.

Bunny: do you play games?!

small A: (shy ~) reader or online to find the source, just enter the line, do not understand the game.

Bunny: so do you have a more familiar field than


small A: reader on the research for a long time, others do not understand.

Little rabbit:

(intentionally touch the cheek, slightly thinking) that I teach you how to use

reader to make money!

small A: (excited) really?! this is going to send it!

analysis: there are many kinds of money, you are willing to do, but only a few. You charge the bill, some people rely on this to make money, engage in a shop in Taobao, buy their own software, and then recharge, flow shop, also can earn a lot of money, and improve credibility. But we will not do this rare programmer friends, although we do not care, but to the analysis of the way to make money, is to recharge this kind of thing is to make the difference (the network turns to a lot of money). A novice developer, or inexperienced developer, is often able to develop products that are limited. For example, a small A, only to understand the development of the reader, and the code is from the Internet copy, estimated a little modification, the market has been uploaded. Although we do not advocate doing so, because we have to respect the source of the author, respect for our programmers themselves. A limited capacity of developers, try to develop their most familiar with the field of related products, so that you can more quickly update the version, do mind


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