The first video multi domain code solution

              video website is done first and double domain friends all know that the first video code only supports a domain name corresponding to a code, if there are 2 domain names, can only play one another under the domain name will show you the domain name and the place code does not match or not through the first video network audit!" This will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble to a couple of domain name webmaster. My station is a novel network (, due to the opening of the Netcom line ( of the domain name, so also encountered this problem, a headache for a while. O (a _ U) O…   now get a piece of code, a good solution to this problem, and does not violate the rules of the first video, put out to share.

              below is the first video service issued rules:

this is the code I provide, the code principle to understand, do not need to explain it, change the URL, replace the network code can be used.

< script>

var s_domain =
var; js_path = ""
if (s_domain! = js_path)
document.write (" < script; src=> &l>


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