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Do not rely on Baidu, Google alliance is a monthly income of 2000 yuan

as a one year experience in website webmaster, I have to do first fantasy like the rich personal webmaster, then a formal alliance lost, sober, and then try to cheat, K after being helpless, to There is a way out. Later, now a monthly income of 2000+, generally very few people are willing to share their experience, I come to announce! The top.

one of my station experience


site is the first month of continuous revision several times, my impression is very good for Baidu! Site second months again revised, Baidu talking to me again! To third months to stabilize, therefore, in the 3 months before the site, no profit, but it is very exciting, every day to update do, page, like first love. Do you have this experience, right? Do the beginning of the fifth month earnings, a month to 300 yuan, is very low, and the fundamental yourself every day at 7 in the morning with the new article, working more than and 10 hours a day to pay the labor

out of proportion.

later, I try to do alimama and Google Advertising, the income entirely on alimama, because at that time every day your point of advertising, a day to 10 yuan, Google, see income, hard half earned $40, Google sent a letter to you K, Baidu. The application is very difficult, and then later, in October 08, alimama sole source of income to my K! I began to despair. And also expect to sell, sell 2 times, we feel that we offer is too low, I insist on down! I was the site every day 2000ip, I depressed the income of 0 very


went on to do SP, do 51vk Promotion Alliance (earn 100 yuan, then change the address, the amount deducted is very serious, do the temptation) made of fruit king (CPA effect is very low, not easy to have a pop earned 100 yuan back to you K), do a lot of junk Alliance, not later! I know, the ancient filial brother, when I gave him my website, he said I do way too dull… Can’t communicate with me… ". then I began to study all his websites and blogs. They bought the Wangzhuan master understand understand, earn 500 yuan of course! Now I am confident I said, has now entered the primary master Wangzhuan ranks, earn 2000+, and very easy, I can open my other website. You can also write soft. Oh! Well, not much said, back to the topic, on how to 2000+ yuan

February 2000+ combat guide

The first one

IP unlimited do pop

we all know it, a IP as an alliance is a coalition of money, so I do not N N alliance alliance is the money? And now do pop general price is 1000IP 4 to 5 yuan, according to this price, according to this principle, I site on ip4000 station and I made 5 League, the money is equivalent to 2w>


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