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Discussion on how to identify the Wangzhuan liar to prevent fraud

Wangzhuan liar many projects, but to identify them, it is not hard to do. The following talk about some common net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project and how to identify them. Wangzhuan liar project in general, can be divided into several categories, the following are about.

1 false creative project

with many creative ideas or methods on behalf of the sale of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, that can earn hundreds of things, even swearing, not how to make money like, looks very attractive. But the reality is not the case. Because some of these creative projects are unrealistic short theory, some of the projects are already outdated, some of the short – term cheating, some are purely random to. Maybe there are good projects, but the proportion is very small. Because good ideas are not usually open, once open, the good ideas may no longer popular, what value. So, usually dare to put up a pageantry open day earn hundreds of Wangzhuan ideas or methods, or is false, or is out of date. When you pay for it, you don’t make any money. So don’t spend money to buy what the new higher creative projects.

2 High Commission pyramid schemes


project is a lot of Wangzhuan liar illegal pyramid schemes, it is not selling the product or the project itself, but to sell high commission. Use this as a selling point to attract you. Of course, also have to pay to join. Pay the money, you have the so-called agency, and then you go to introduce other people to join in, from his joining fee to get high commission. On this level of marketing, you can get a few layers of commission. Sounds tempting, but because the project itself has no value, so as long as there is no recommendation to join others, relying solely on the project itself, it is impossible to profit. Therefore, participants who do not recommend others to join can not get the benefits. So he paid fee is naught.

3 high click advertising project

some Click to make money items, each click a few cents or even a few dollars. Unknown to the novice thought he met mine, happy to participate. In fact, such projects will not pay. Really pay for the project, each click generally not more than 1 cents.

in addition to the above several common liar project, as well as other camouflage stronger liar project. From the way of participation and project characteristics, do not see flaws, but it is not paid. So how to identify it? It is more use of search engines, search under the name of the project + liar, such as search XX survey liar to see other people’s evaluation. If a lot of people say that it is a liar, then do not do. If a lot of people say that you can do, then participate in. So as long as the use of search engines, the vast majority of the project can be identified liar.


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