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Do not understand Taobao SEO we can improve traffic

as a grassroots webmaster and I think everybody wants to stand a good ranking, a steady flow, but the reality is that not all of the webmaster to SEO and get baiud.google in the search engines to get huge traffic, if you have a good the site may be in accordance with the following methods can let you get a lot of traffic.

1 ppc. It is best to look at the effect by understanding your users and making reasonable keywords. Make reasonable decisions.

2 soft. For now the webmaster speaking, write a good soft Wen can make a web site you greatly improve the visibility of the site, and if the soft in the right site can give you bring your potential customers unexpected, has written a survey report of a soft analysis of an enterprise master file, on the right on the site one day bring the company 500 calls. So it’s important to talk about software.

3 to build RSS blog, often updated and released to the customer effective content. The benefits of doing so do not say that we understand. RSS must know it all.

4 blog. I have tried to set up a blog in Sina, NetEase and released a large number of popular keyword articles, through this blog day website can get thousands of traffic, but the premise is that this blog has a lot of content to attract users. Baidu blog and Sina blog is the best access to the best practice in the blog, the other can try, like NetEase, etc..

5 Baidu know. This is the problem for IP is nothing more than a commonplace talk of an old scholar, answer the hot issues with the vest. But now there is a BAIDU I worth studying.

6 to other forum website promotion, not only can increase the chain but also can get good flow. But the hope is that everyone have things, or you put up a direct link will make many administrators dislike. To delete what you sent.

a lot of people do not understand SEO still get high traffic, nothing more than the word "Qin" anything is like this. The only way to do this is to have some technical problems, to observe and think more, to find out what you don’t know. To try, "Qin" a word at the head can make your website Yuebanyuehao.

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