How do make money online from right to wrong


embarked on a new road network to make money, is "sleep can make money" to attract such rhetoric. It is hypnotized in the face of such a powerful attraction, that lost the reason, listen to some of the so-called Wangzhuan teacher flicker, which brought defeat economic losses and spiritual. I’m here to tell you my own experience as well as the process of rational return, I hope you are wary of some of the network to make money misleading.

a message, let me step into Wangzhuan


is a traditional market marketing, in fact, the income is very good, not what particular pressure and burden, but sometimes free will write a blog about his life experience, but one day the peace of mind is a message about his. The mail came to a Taobao store, Taobao stores can help registered GG account, in addition to providing one-stop online guidance services throughout, charges 350 yuan. I’ve heard that GG can make money, so they registered a GG number, as expected, as they said 2 hours under the GG number, so far, I registered the GG account of the Taobao store to establish a preliminary trust.

taking into account 350 yuan on their own is not a big investment, so I took the opportunity to make a pair of GG to make money counseling. Then the Taobao store registered an international domain name for me, as well as a foreign space. Then give me a foreign website program (that is a foreign lawyer website), then let me take my GG account embedded inside, as his request to me, and then it will be spread to the website program he gave such a space, my own, my website embedded GG code so come out. At this time the heart is full of sleep can make money in the fantasy, oh (laugh in…


further into, do not know

when I asked the Taobao store what I was going to do, he told me to wait until GG included the site. This sense of mystery and a sense of caution makes me feel very real, and finally after about 20 days, the site has a few pages are included in the GG, so I contacted the Taobao shop, he told me to do the two things. First, give me a website, let me buy his traffic, and then tell me a website, let me buy his click (in fact, is a task network).

so? He said yes, many people through the way of making money! I was very puzzled, so busy, not in the cheat codes, this is the way he taught?! but I have paid the tuition, and after almost a month (already in addition, Taobao confirmed payment) there is a website and my GG number where I bite the bullet on his suggestion. Traffic to buy 150 yuan per month, 2000IP per month, click on the task network, according to the daily 20 clicks, a month down about $40. Add up to a month to spend a total of about 200 yuan.

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