What are the prerequisites for making money

now more and more websites, to do a profitable and beautiful website is not so easy thing. How to maximize the benefits of the site, it is worth all the novice webmaster priority.

first of all, to do a site must be prepared in advance, I summed up the two steps.

first step: positioning the market.

What is the purpose of the

website, there are 3 purposes, one is public; one is service; another is the wholesale business of the. Therefore, a site to select the crowd and the market is the key, it is related to your site traffic and value.

second step, according to the first step to determine the site template and theme.

is a beautiful and personal characteristics of the website is a necessary factor to attract everyone, do site or do, it must have its own template (as my www.goooogl.com.cn). As a personal webmaster, learning site knowledge is necessary. Can not ask others to help you do a website, but also every day to find someone to help you maintain. This will affect the prospects of your site, but also can not according to their own meaning to optimize their website. Others say good: spend a few hundred dollars to buy a website, not hundreds of dollars to learn how to make a website. Personal website to maximize the benefits, only their most clear. It’s hard for others to do what you mean. All, promising personal webmaster, must have a certain site technology.

do the above planning, and then the site is online and running. Before the site on the line, I suggest you do the basic content of the content of the rich and then uploaded to the space, and then find a few friendship connection. This site is easy to be listed on Baidu. After the site on the line, in this period, is the most critical moment. You need to do is to adhere to the continuous optimization, I mean optimization includes aspects. Including each article content can be optimized. This site is included, you do not have to worry about traffic pull. Traffic rose up, we can find a match with their ads put up pull. Advertising can also be optimized, so as to reflect the maximum value of their website.

well, do it here, then you can start to make money for your site. I believe that wealth belongs to those who are prepared. My QQ-314577746

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