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Excellent purchase from defense to attack 2 years to achieve the integration of online and offline



Zhang Xuejun

Sina Technology Tracy

as a forerunner of the traditional enterprise water electricity supplier, BELLE group’s excellent shopping network has been on the line for two years, this year the electricity industry is relatively excellent purchase raging like a storm, the two years of silence, and purchase and purchase in the end what to do? How will the future? Excellent shopping network within the CEO Zhang Xuejun made a detailed description, in his view excellent purchase has been made defensive strategy, the most important thing is to achieve the integration of online and offline, then the whole strategy to attack transformation.

spent 2 years to transform the IT system


is involved in the electricity business in early 2011, when BELLE group has 15000 Direct stores, covering more than and 300 city, settled nearly 1500 stores, the retail industry has formed a competitive threshold, but the threat still exists, is consumer behavior from offline to online conversion.

at that time, the trend in the book, 3C category of standardized goods has been reflected in the field, the future of consumer goods will quickly follow up, enter the speed will be more than a block, BELLE group has no way to determine. However, based on this trend of judgment, BELLE group decided to increase the level of Internet resources must be invested, at least to establish the Internet technology team than competitors, as soon as possible to explore the law of Internet marketing.


as traditional enterprises, and not much of the Internet experience, but the power that BELLE can have the confidence to do this thing is, when the United States top ten electricity supplier website, website brands accounted for 8, while the development target of at least similar brand website is excellent purchase.

but this goal is not so easy to implement, at least for the excellent purchase, software need to have strong technical ability, especially if you need to leveraging from BELLE group resources, it must be able to develop business platform software, and POS software stores and logistics warehousing software and under the open line.

for BELLE, the current use of the IT system are built 10 years ago, has not been suitable for the current format, and in the past 2 years, which has become one of the priorities of the best buy business. In the formation of the Beijing and Shenzhen team, excellent purchase technology system was perfected in tinkering. In Zhang Xuejun seems, although the best buy technology system still needs to be improved, but basically has crossed the first threshold of the electricity supplier, that is, electronic".

how important is this threshold in the words of Zhang Xuejun, at least retail competitors difficult to catch up with a short time. For example, recently there are many department stores want to enter the electricity supplier, Zhang Xuejun consulting, Zhang Xuejun’s first question is how the IT system, the reply for outsourcing or purchase a system, which Zhang Xuejun gave views is "if you don’t do it".



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