Fiasco on the early fashion DELL PPG failed


Fiasco: on early "fashion DELL PPG failure

twenty-first Century is the period of rapid development of the Internet, with the rapid development of the Internet, many industries from the traditional to the line, the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, leading to more and more people choose to the electricity supplier industry, the number of enterprises is gradually rising, why so many friends choose to do business, the electricity supplier industry to start


said the electricity supplier, I can not help but think of a few years ago in the network marketing in clothing industry PPG become fashionable for a time, do not know if you remember PPG. PPG was founded in October 2005 in China is the clothing network Direct Selling Company earlier, when the men’s clothing series of products as the core, makes the innovation of the modern e-commerce and traditional retail products and services, to create a line of new platform. With modern network platform and call center services to the core, advanced direct marketing concept, with superior supply chain management mode and efficient distribution system, to provide high-quality products and services to protect clothing for consumers.

is such an outstanding network clothing Direct Selling Company, had a glorious period for the best business model award in 2007, has also been known as "fashion DELL", was so successful, why finally due to funding strand breaks, payment of arrears, investment disputes and other issues at the beginning of 2010 ushered in the following the defeat of the situation? I do some simple analysis:

advertising: we all know the international movie star Daniel Wu, he was recommended to us too many PPG clothing, a clothing Direct Selling Company invites the international movie star clothing advertising, watch out, then PPG in the advertising industry has invested a lot of money, is advertising, will be able to successfully promote? I do not think that advertising should be appropriate, advertising is to let more people know about PPG, PPG, and PPG in demand on clothing. But this is not the most important, the quality of the product is very important to the success of the electricity supplier. A large number of ads, invested huge amounts of money, excessive focus on marketing, ignoring the product supreme truth, but eventually led to the collapse due to funding strand breaks.

The founder of

failed to save the company, according to industry broke the news, at that time appeared in PPG fracture of funds, founder Li Liang failed to save the company, with the company together, but the choice of absconding, founder of a company, should do with the company is of vital importance to how pathetic things. Here, A5 webmaster network to remind the majority of entrepreneurs who are looking for partners, we must see their character.

finally: a company’s success or not, look at the company’s management and operation, good management mode and a good way to do better. As we all know, there is a risk of entrepreneurship, in this remind the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to be cautious when selecting partners


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